Spirit of exploration aspired 
by the world.Technical competence is our answer.

In order to enable "further advancement"of the high-tech industry which continues to evolve on a daily basis, we were among the first to start research and development activities for the laser technology. The reason why we were able to complete innovative glass cleaving machine in the flat panel displays industry is because of our pursuit for such "further advancement".

When we noticed, we were at the leading edge.
We are working for the solution of new "further advancement" based on our prominent technical capability and experiences. And we will continue aiming to become a company contributing to the society as the leader in the field of industrial laser application products.

Technical expertise geared to custmer needs.

Message from the company

Currently, we are the only company in the world specializing in the manufacturing and sales of glass scriber equipment. Laser glass scriber is a product using the old yet new technology of cutting the glass in high precision and stability applying laser, which is a new heating source, to the phenomenon that "a glass will break if boiling water is poured in" that everybody knows.

This technology enables cutting the glass without a loss and with no defect.
"Difficult to break from the cut surface" or "Hard to break even in the case of thin glass", which are the completely different phenomena from the coventional glass cutting method, are realized.
What is even better is the fact that it is an environment friendly technology contributing to energy saving causing no contamination because fine glass powders called "cullet", which was inevitable with the conventional method, are not generated.

Furthermore, our scriber machine concept is favored by the customers because of the features, such as the function to electronically modify glass cutting conditions and the basic structure with high optical stability. In recent years, our machines are introduced by the panel suppliers for LCD, smart phone, and electronic book.

On top of that, our technology is applied not only to display panels but also to glasses having new functions, and as a result, requirements and expectations to our technology are increasing more than ever.

On the other hand, we are still learning, and we have achieved only a part of what we hope to achieve. We are determined to continue our effort to become a company which can contribute to the industry throughout the world with our special core technology, a company needed and trusted by the customers, and a company which continues to develop.

Yutaka Tamura: Representative Director and President

Board members

President & CEO Yutaka Tamura
Director Taito Shimizu
Director Kimio Iefuji
Auditor (external) Hirohiko Fukuda

Company profile

Company name LEMI CO.,LTD. (Laser Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.)
Paid-in capital 100 million yen
Address Head office: Okuno Bldg., 1-6-8 Johoku-cho, Takatsuki-city, Osaka 569-0071
Established on June 25, 2002
Business items Research, develoment, manufacturing and sales of laser scriber engine dedicated for glass use
Design, development, manufacturing and sales of laser scriber machine for glass cleaving
Design, manufacturing and sales of automated line consisting of scriber, breaker and associated equipment for large sized glass panels
Manufcaturing and sales of laser cleaving system for glass panels for solar battery Consulting and commodity developement of laser application