Faster and without fail. Ultra high precision and high quality machining is realized by world class quality technology.

This technology that we developed, which satisfies both maintenance free and high quality, is being used near you and in various applications throughout the world. Please consider introducing this technology that we are at the leading edge.

  • Laser scribe engine, the key component in flexibly accomodating variety of works.

    Introduction of LEMI laser scribe engine which realizes fast and safe cleaving.

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  • Machining system which realizes stable manufacturing through continuous operation based on the maintenance free design.

    Introduction of the laser scriber system which is equipped with the LEMI laser scribe engine.

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Zero defect technology enabled by LEMI. Ultra high quality mirror surface cutting.

LEMI became interested in the glass used in the flat panel display industry, and developed a high performance laser scribe engine dedicated for glass use utilizing the heat stress by laser. By use of this laser scribe engine, mirror surface cutting of glass, which was not possible before, is now available. It is an ideal machining method where no dust is generated and no microcracks (cullet) are generated. This defect free technology realized high quality glass cutting. Cleaning process and polishing process in the factory are no longer required. We believe that this is also a technology effective for efficient use of resources and for the environmental issues.

The instance of cleaving. Miffor surface finish.
Micro-cracks generated by mechanical tool Micro-cracks generated by
mechanical tool
Mirror like cleaving surface with zero defect by laser machining.Mirror like cleaving surface with
zero defect by laser machining.

The instance of cleaving. Mirror surface finish.

Laser glass cleaving from LEMI which leaves no cut line. After the laser has passed, a cleaving surface already exists although not recognizeable by human eyes. Plus, that cross-section is like a mirror that the mechanical tool could never achieve.

Our efforts in laser machining. From the development group where the scriber was developed.

Generally speaking, laser machining may give you an impression of a process where a material is melted or a characteristic is changed by laser energy, such as the sheet metal work or welding. On the other hand, the laser glass scribe technology that we have productized cuts the glass utilizing the expansion and cotraction of the material by heat caused by the laser beam aimed at a glass. This method is called "cleaving".

This is a method which became available as an industrial cutting method for the first time by applying laser to the well known phenomenon of "suddenly heated or cooled glass will break".
Some people say that cutting of stones to construct pyramids in the ancient Egypt also used this technique.It is an old yet a new technology.

The advantage of this method is that it is a defect free cutting method where no damage or change of characteristic occur to the material itself.
What is more interesting is the fact that "the glass cuts by itself" rather than the common image of people "cutting something". Laser is not meant to be a blade to cut the glass, but it is merely inducing the glass to be easily cut.

Then, is laser very simple having not much role? Frankly speaking, it is really tough.
The glass is obedient in some sence, but at the same time, it is extremely a stubborn, difficult and proud material.
It is very difficult to tame this material.
And we are working very hard every day because we need to continuously improve the performance of the machine against continuously emerging new material.

But, glass is still the main player.
We must listen to what the glass say, and our role is that of a supporting player who must prepare the condition that the main player will be most pleased with. We believe that we must move forward with such a sense of humility.

Our technology is utilized in various products which are used in our daily life.

Our living environment is changing day by day and the products surrounding us are evolving along with the rapidly developing modern technology. Our products are widely used in various fields, such as the touch panel display of the popular smart phone or displays for PC's or LCD TV's.
Laser technology of LEMI
  • Smart phoneOur products are indispensable for the manufacture of mobile phones (smart phones) which are indispensable for our modern living.
  • TabletTablet type PC for which the demand is expected to grow in the future. Our technology is also utilized in the production of large sized touch panels.
  • LCD TV・3D TVHigh quality glass machining is indispensable for the production of large sized panels, such as the thin type TV, which is rapidly becoming popular, and the topical 3D TV.
  • MedicalYou may not see much in your daily life, but many glass panels are used in the places of medical practice.